Let’s Beat The Streets!

Let’s Beat The Streets!

We have entered a new era of New Generation! Welcome to the “Beat The Streets” membership program and daily discounts! Here’s what you need to know…

We are offering unbeatable discounts, rewards, and exclusives! You can’t miss with our customer appreciation daily discounts of 10% off, our “slogan” discounts of 4% for EACH slogan you know and… come closer, let me tell you in your ear… They’re stackable!!! There’s more; our membership program is at a low price of only $10 a month! With the paid membership, you get 22.5% off, 10% for (non-category), and 15% for (category) discounts, and a 5% rebate!!

“Hey New Gen, what does category, and non-category mean?” – We are so glad you asked! Category discounts will apply to those that are disabled, first responders (EMT, Police, Firefighters), teachers, active duty, veterans, and cannabis employees. If you fall into any of these categories, you will receive that additional 15% discount on your purchase. However, we understand that not everyone falls into one of these categories, but we want to make sure that you are getting that loyal treatment as well so we offer that 10% discount. Just to be clear, the 15% discount does not stack with the 10% discount, you will receive one or the other. If you are someone that qualifies for that 15% discount, bring in the validated proof so that we can make sure you’re getting the proper discount at checkout. There’s more good news! If you are a cannabis employee, we are offering a FREE membership with proof of active employment!

“I just applied for a membership, I can’t wait to get my discounts! I also know all 4 slogans…” – well, unfortunately members do not qualify for the slogan discounts, but hey, you still can’t beat the deals you get for your membership!!

“I don’t feel like driving today, I’m just going to order for delivery and get my discounts” – Wellllll, unfortunately we do not offer these discounts on delivery orders, you must walk in to apply for a membership, and receive the discounts.

“Crap! I left my wallet at home! Do you guys take Apple Pay?” – As much as we love to cater to our customers, we unfortunately are a CASH ONLY dispensary. It’s very important that you not only remember your valid form of ID in order to check in at the front desk, but to have cash. Haven’t had time to stop at the bank? No Worries! We have an ATM conveniently in our store!

“UGH I’m out of my stash and I want my membership discounts, but my dog tears the house up the moment I leave…” – Well I think somebody is trying to tell you they want to hang out with you! It’s totally cool, we love our Pets of New Gen (We even have an instagram page for them) bring them with you, your pets are more than welcome in our store. If they’re cool with the camera, we’d love to grab a picture of them too!

“SWEET! I just had my 18th birthday, I’m headed to the dispensary!!” – Woah buddy, I’m sure you are excited BUT, cannabis is a very strict industry. Although you are able to purchase cannabis at a legal dispensary there are 2 VERY import things to remember, The recreational age for legal cannabis is 21+. If you are 18+, you MUST have a valid medical recommendation AND ID in order to shop in our dispensary.

We certainly hope to have answered most of your questions, if for any reason you have more questions please do not hesitate to contact us at either of our location.


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